Tuesday, August 16, 2005

400MPH Swing Set of Death!!!!

This was one one the festival swing rides...
I was shocked atthe way the ride operator
would stand in the middle andspin the kids
around as they traveled around.
I would have tried the ride, but I was much
to scared of the crazy spinning man!!!

But the bumper cars at the end of a "drinking"
festival night proved to be the icing on the cake...
Only Drink and Drive in Bumper Cars

BUMPER CARS what more to say, but classic
entertainment with friends after a festive night.

Spanish festivals were absolutely a different
experience, we even purchased a door
prize ticket on a cow. Yes.... A cow.
(we never won....Thank god)

This is the picture that Priscilla was taking
in the previous photo!!!!!

Nice photo Priscilla..better than any pics that Carlos took!!!

Take that pee pee..


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Estrada city center. These round a bout intersections were everywhere, Driving in Spain was a tad bit CRAZY!!!!

Sanxenxo Spain

Marco's and one of the fish he speared while dive fishing.

This is a picture at the Cod fish festival...That right Cod fish form off the Newfoundland shores...Yummy Salt Cod

More Octopus and wine yummy yummy

On of many LARGE suppers, lots of great food but starting supper at 12 o'clock at night was the root to my many sleeping nightmares.

Octopus and wine at the market.

Fly fishing in Spain

Megan chaising the lambs

Spanish Wildlife

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gateway to the Casa Da Carballeira

Carlos makes a splash....Right after this photo we had to run to his rescue, because he did not fit through the hole!!!!

Grape Vines

cute little doggy named Lore

Neo and the chicken having a Ciesta in the afternoon

Some great views at the beach --PG18--

Pedro and Marco's having fun on the bumper cars..
Many bruises were given out that night at the Fiesta.

Megan decides to pick the horses nose..Yuck

Thorn bush forest, you would not like to have to walk through there..

Natural spring water flowing. Great for chilling bottle of the local wines!!!

Car parking area, Notice the Grape vines loaded with grape!!

The beautiful casa we stayed in... We were treated like king's and queen's the entire time of the trip.

Smoked leg of pig...This was one of my favorite food in Spain.